Web Interface

Learn about the In/Out's web interface!

Home Page

The In/Out Home Page has six choices:

Mirror Device

On this page, you can mirror the device screen.

Access Videos

On this page, you can list, watch and download all videos on the device. Note the toggle in the top right corner to select between the internal storage and an inserted micro SD card.

Access Stats

On this page, you can list all the stats session on the device. For each session, you can set or clear the sync status with the Android or iOS Companion App.

You can also acess and download the raw data in CSV format for each stats session. Note that all the statistics are in imperial units. The speed is in mph. Any distance is in feet. 1 feet = 0.3048 meter. For reference, the baseline is 39 feet away from the net. The X and Y axis are shown the following graph:

Upgrade Firmware

On this page, you can upgrade the firmware of the In/Out device. Read this page for more information.

Debug Device

On this page, you can debug your In/Out device and get the reports generated when a tennis court detection or a line call is reported.

About In/Out

On this page, you have information specific to your In/Out device.

You can change the Wi-Fi name of your In/Out device by selecting another tennis star name (grand slam and ATP/WTA finals winner).