The cloud interface is acccesible at from any browser: Chrome (recommended), Firefox, Safari, or Microsoft Edge. You are also getting the exact same experience with the Android or iOS app.

To know how to sync stats session, browse down to the 'Sync Stats' section of this page.


At, you can chose between the cloud interface to browse your stats or the device and its internal data. Note that you need to be connected to the relevant Wi-Fi network in both cases. For the cloud, you need to have standard Internet access. For the device, you need to connect the Wi-Fi of your machine with the In/Out Wi-Fi (named from grand slam and ATP/WTA finals winners).

Tip: On Android, you don't need to setup Wi-Fi as the Companion App automatically does it for you. On iOS, or if you are using any browser on your Mac or your PC, you need to setup the right Wi-Fi. Don't Forget that the default band of the In/Out Wi-Fi is 5GHz.

Cloud Login and Dashboard

Once you are connected to the Internet, you need to login with your In/Out credentials.

Cloud Activity

You can then access the stats of all your past sessions.

Device Connection

Once you have connected this machine to the In/Out Wi-Fi, you can access the In/Out data.

Sync Stats

If you desire to sync and transmit the stats sessions from your In/Out device to the cloud, you need to proceed the following way:

Let's go through those steps one by one.

Device Video

You can browse the videos stored on your In/Out device.

Device Mirror

You can also mirror the video. Note that it's a screen mirroring.

Tip: Note that you can stream the video in high quality as explained here.

Device Upgrade

You can upgrade the firmware of your device through this page. Note that you need to have downloaded the firmware bin file before.

Device Debug

You can send debug information to the In/Out support team through this page.


More help is available via this page.