Welcome to In/Out Support

This support website IS the user manual. You will find a lot of information about In/Out, how to setup the hardware device, how to navigate the software UI, and how to use it on court. Please spend as much time as possible reading this documentation before using the device.

Current firmware is "beta 2017-10-31". Learn how you can upgrade your device with the latest firmware.

DON'T INSERT THE BATTERY UPSIDE DOWN!!! There is a printout on the white face of the battery stating that "this side is down". So you should see the blue face when inserting the battery.

Don't force under any circunstance!

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The firmware dated 2017-10-31 is now available and has been uploaded to the website. Visit the firmware upgrade page to learn how to upgrade the firmware of your In/Out device.

The "Companion App" is available in both for Android in the Google Play Store and for iOS in the Apple iTunes Store.

If you have the choice, we strongly recommend the Android Companion App which will have better features than the iOS one as Apple limits what is possible to do outsi...

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The firmware dated 2017-09-09 has been uploaded to the website. This firmware has actually been flashed to the devices of the first batch production.

Have you read the warranty and privacy policies? It's available here: privacy and warranty. Please read them carefully.


This web site provides support for In/Out. It's organized around five categories: Hardware, Software UI, On Court, Firmware Upgrade, Companion App.

You can also read the Quick Setup and browse the Roadmap and Logs.

If you experience an issue with your In/Out device, first visit the...

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