Software UI

Learn about the In/Out's user interface!

Home Screen


The In/Out Home screen has four options:

Line Call

Line Call automatically calls balls in or out.

To set up:

In/Out will now call balls depending on its settings.

While in Line Call mode, the screen will show the last ten shots. You can use the left and right arrows to select a particular ball and click on the screen to see a replay of where the ball landed.

In/Out is still learning, so please report whether the calls are accurate or inaccurate.

Important Tip: To change how In/Out responds to out balls (with lights and beeps), visit the Settings -> Signal.

Tip: To enable recording in line calling mode, visit the Settings -> Advanced and toggle "Line Call" to "Line Call + Rec". Note that it will use more battery.

Rec only

Rec only records your play with both cameras. Press Stop when you are done. To view the videos you have recorded, click on Videos from the Home screen.

If you have a microSD card inserted, In/Out will prioitize it over the 4GB internal memory.

Tip: If your microSD card is formatted as FAT32, the maximum size of a video is 4GB. Recording will automatically stop when this limit is reached. It's better to format your microSD card in exFat. There is no such limit with this format standard.


The Videos screen allows you to playback previously recorded videos. Think it like you want to replay at home your play videos.

Tip: The percentage numbers on the two top icons tells you how much storage you have used.


The settings section gives access to a lot of settings to tweak your In/Out experience.

Important Tip: A Hard Reset will wipe out all the internal storage, including all the settings at the exception of the SSID of the Wi-Fi HotSpot.

Pair Second

If you have a second In/Out, you can pair them together. You only need to do this procedure once. Each device will remember its pair and will reconnect to it automatically when line call is started.

Go to the "Pair Second" screen from the Settings screen on both devices. Once you see the other device, press on its name. The paired device is then highlighted in yellow. Exit the menu and go back to the home screen. The devices will be paired automatically and the status icon will be updated accordingly.

To unpair, go to the "Pair Second" screen on each device at a time. Press the "Unpair" button and confirm.


The setting allows you to adjust how the In/Out device responds to in and out balls.

Press the left and right arrows to switch between the six settings, and use "Test IN" and "Test OUT" to see how the device will respond when the ball is in or out.

These are six settings:

Custom settings enable you to select exactly how the device should signal when a call is made. There is a close call option so that call IN are made only when the ball is very close to the line.

Power User screen

If you press seven times the Wi-Fi name in the Advanced screen, you can access the Power User screen. This screen is for advanced users and offers a few unofficial tweaks that might be useful, that will give you more control on the device and that usually are silently integrated in future firmware once they have matured enough.

In power user mode, you have access to hidden features. On the preview screen, you can force a bad court report or you can force line calling by pressing on the sides of the overlay.